Time to try Pixlr – feel the magic!

pixlr-website-banner Users of graphic art software constantly scour the world looking for alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. It is a sore point with many bloggers and web content creators, and rightly so. Adobe charge a lot for their software. One website is not. Pixlr has become the most used graphics website in the world, now ready to surpass even Photoshop Elements.

The website is easy and friendly to use. Choose what free version of software you want (we choose the free “advanced” version), and away you go! Don’t be surprised if you find the number of advanced special effects filters, color and text manipulation tools a bit too much. Despite the heavy functions included here, the software works perfectly and with no problems – all inside your browser window. If you find it tough as being your first venture into a can-do graphics editing package, then opt for the free “efficient” version on the main window. it is basic and easy as hell. We confess we love the “playful version.

Just for the smell of it, try opening the sample picture of the guy with the beard in the supplied photos and watch him in the photo developing fluid. Now drag (without clicking the mouse) across the “water” to see the rippling effect. The added filters that resemble Instragram effects are a welcome touch. But Pixlr does more. The best thing is to just play with it, and have fun. We think it’s the best and easiest way to learn. Pixlr is backed by Autocad, one of the biggest players in the 3d graphics software industry. The creator of Pixlr has a great blog, also viewable from the home site, well worth checking out.

Webonist takes pride in bringing good reviews and recommendations of good software. This software is excellent. And comes at the right price. Nothing.


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