Facebook Versus LinkedIn – which is better?

Many bloggers, including Webonist have always sounded our confidence in LinkedIn. it is a great network, and growing healthily. It means business, and listens to the business world. So it has its finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of Business in a way that Facebook is not… at least not so much.

Facebook is catching up with LinkedIn. Many businesses are setting up Business pages and Community pages on the world’s largest social network. But setting up pages and hoping people will just magically arrive on them and engage is not enough. It is no guarantee.

Marketing and promotion are still needed for both Facebook and LinkedIn. But whereas facebook is primarily for ordinary people to just socialize, Linkedin is primarily a Business Network, and gets the business peprson there quicker; it is more focussed. It takes some effort to get the eyes you need to your pages on Facebook.

Yes, Facebook celebrated a big IPO Launch this week, but the share is slipping slightly. Facebook is not a 100% sure money-making social network. Its monetization comes from from disparate places. Many apps abound on Facebook. Meeting and playing socially is one thing. But advertising is not as apparent or well developed as say – Google Adsense. Even WordPress has “Word Ads“, just as Google also has “Adwords“.

If you were a business who wanted to deal with other businesses, you would choose LinkedIn. It is more business to business focussed, and also focussed towards professionals. I have discovered some Groups on Facebook that lie empty and not administered by anyone. Some wither on the vine. And some seem to replicate too many others. In LinkedIn, everyone is encouraged to not allow Groups to spam or overlap other groups too much. Facebook is witness to a lot of spam. Another benefit of LinkedIn from an SEO point of view is that if your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete, you automatically become indexed by the top search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

(Cassy Mantis)

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  1. I have to agree with you, Cassy. Linkedin is a haven for professionals and for those individuals who are really serious in their business. It’s also a way to make and establish networks with like-minded people. Linkedin is also the perfect place to serve for authentic jobs because it allows no scam at all.

    Thanks for sharing this one.

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